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Optional Equipment

Call for more information on any of A&A Melters optional equipment listed below

  • Diesel burners (Inter-changable with propane burners)
  • Diesel, gas or electric drive systems available – Propane engine conversions also available on our Honda Gas drives
  • Trailers –¬†Optional heavy duty lifting lugs, storage boxes, fire extinguisher holders available for all our trailers
  • Casters
  • Material pumps :Recirculating & wand systems available
  • Heated Hose systems for crack sealing
  • Safety Flame guards
  • Fume guards
  • Hot Material packers
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • Customizing: Let us know what you want done

A few examples of optional equipment & customizing Р * Click image to enlarge

Lockable torch box
Torch box
Lockable motor cover
Motor box
Heavy duty lifting lugs
Heavy duty lifting lugs
Flame guard
Flame guard
Propane tank holder
Bottle holder
Dual loading doors
Duel loading doors
Custom storage boxes
Custom boxes 2
Tandem axles
Tandem 380
Custom trailer w/ ramp & winch
60 custom trailer 5
Customized A-210 with Motor base mounted @ Front of Trailer