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The A-210 lives up to its’ “High Performance” name tag. Stainless steel fire tubes come standard. Unique air-jacketed construction ensure no product charring.

This U.S. 200 gallon model has a large material handling capacity combined with a fast heat-up time. Your choice of gas, electric or optional Diesel drive agitator. Optional trailer, pump and Auto Temperature controls.Material ready in 55 minutes.

*Shown with optional trailer. 

*Download Spec Sheet here –  A&A Melters A-210

*Download Operating Manual here – A-210 Manual




Heat Transfer Oil None Required
Fire Tubes 5″ sch 80 Stainless Steel Pipe
Capacity  200 US Gallons
Agitator Honda 5.5 H.P. Air-Cooled Engine, 110 Volt Electric or Optional Diesel Engine
Overall Dimensions (Melter Only) L-88″ W-48″ H-54″  2,100 lbs.
Burner Adjustable Liquid Propane 2 X 360,000 BTU, Optional Beckett Diesel Burners
Temperature Controls Optional
Inner Shell 1/4″ Rolled Steel
Outer Shell 1/8″ Rolled Steel
Insulated jacket 1/2″ Super High Temp. Plus 2″ High Temp. Fiberglass
Suspension 4″ Drop Axle 6000 lb. Axle
Optional Trailer (w/ Melter mounted) L-162″ W-79″ H-67″  2,650 lbs
Brakes Electric Standard
Tow Hitch As ordered c/w safety chain
Shipping Weight (Melter only) 2100 lbs
Shipping Weight (Trailer only) 550 lbs
Pump Optional 1 1/2″ Viking
Horizontal Wand Pumping System Optional
Tires 2 X 6.00 X 14″
Trailer Chassis 4″ Steel Channel

Heated Material Output:

  • Efficiency: 78.9%
  • Material Capacity: 200 US Gallons | Output Aprox 180 gal/hr 
  • Heat up time: 55 mins