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Crack Sealers

Affordable Crack Sealing Equipment

All of A&A Melters Air-Jacketed Melters are now available with the Crack sealing option. These units are the most compact, lightweight and quickest Asphalt Crack Sealers on the market. Available on or off the trailer for tight spots with a 20 foot heated hose on a 360 degree swing boom with the option to go longer if needed. Call today for pricing on the most affordable crack sealers available. We can custom build to suit your needs

  • Heated hose available in 120 Volt or 12 Volt
  • Heated hose available with Heated or Non-heated wand
  • Agitator and Pump can be powered by Electric, Gas or Diesel motors
  • Heat sources available: Diesel, Propane or Electric elements
  • Reverse flow to empty hose
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • Available in 110, 210, 380 & 500 Gallon units
  • Quick mount / Dismount trailer
  • Variable speed pump for adjustable flow control
  • Heavy duty Stainless steel fire tubes

Download Spec sheet here – A&A Melters Crack Sealers

A-210 Cracksealer shown with optional Trailer

A-210 Cracksealer (200 US Gallon Capacity)



A-110 Cracksealer (100 US Gallon Capacity)



A-500 Cracksealer (500 US Gallon Capacity)