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Mastic Melters

Introducing our newly designed Air-Jacket Mastic Melter, designed for melting repair mastics & aggregate filled patching products used for repairing Concrete & Asphalt. Implementing the same high standard of quality and durability that has been used in producing our line of Hot Rubber Melter for the past 25 years. These units feature a full sweep agitator and Automatic temperature controls ensure material is kept within a specific temperature. Our unique Air-jacketed design allows for exceptionally quick heating of material without some of the problems often associated with typical Oil Jacketed units.

*Download Spec Sheet here –  A-240 Mastic Melter

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SPECIFICATIONS: A-240 Mastic Melter

Heat Transfer Oil None Required
Fire Tubes 5″ Sch 80 Stainless Steel Pipe
Capacity (Custom Sizes Available)  240 US Gallons
Hydraulic Agitator w/ Auto Shut off 23 HP Diesel
Overall Dimensions L-198″ W-74″ H-70″
Burners Adjustable Liquid Propane or Optional Beckett Diesel Burners
Temperature Controls Standard
Inner Shell 1/4″ Rolled Steel
Outer Shell 3/16″ Rolled Steel
Insulated Jacket 1″ Super High Temp. plus 2″ High Temp
Suspension 4″ Drop Axle Tandem Axle – 2 x 3500 lb. Axles
Tires 4 X 8.00 X 15″
Tandem Axle Standard
Chassis 4″ Steel Channel
Brakes Electric Standard
Tow Hitch As ordered c/w Safety Chains (2)
Shipping Weight 3,500 lbs.


  • Hassle free 6 Inch material drain
  • Stainless steel fire tubes
  • Dual loading doors
  • Air-jacketed design
  • No more messy heat transfer oils
  • Electric brakes come standard
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • Full Sweep Hydraulic Agitator
  • Heavy Duty Design